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Do you do keyboard shortcuts?


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I love doing them! I printed out a list so I can remember the codes. Some I have memorized however, the ones I use on a daily basis. I rather press a button on the keyboard. Any way I don't stress my wrists, the better for me! So do you use them? If so, do you have any favorites? I like the one for the degree symbol ° & the cents ¢.

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Generally useful shortcuts

  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc - Open task manager
  • Windows Key + R - run dialog
  • Winkey + D - toggle 'show desktop'
  • Winkey + L - lock workstation
  • Winkey + E - windows explorer
  • Middle click a link (or Ctrl + Click) - load page in background tab (useful for google, reddit)
  • Middle click a tab - close tab
  • Middle click back button - open history in new tab (not for IE)
  • Ctrl + F5 - clear page cache and refresh webpage (great for page errors/testing)
  • (Shift +) tab button - when filling out a form, skip to next (or previous) form field
  • Alt + (shift +) tab - switch windows forwards (or backwards)
  • Ctrl + (shift +) tab - switch tab/document forwards (or backwards)
  • Hold Shift while inserting removable media - prevents 'autorun'
  • Shift + Delete - permanently deletes files (without going to recycle bin)
  • Shift + Right click - usually adds 'experienced user' context menu options
  • F2 - 'edit', renames selected file. Also used with spreadsheet cells.
  • Ctrl + Scroll - zoom web page, document, file thumbnails, or desktop icons on Vista/7
  • Ctrl + C on any standard error dialog box - copies error report text
  • Alt + PrtScn - Copies an image of the current window to clipboard
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