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  • Ibai Llanos and Piqué announced a new Esports Club: KOI



    Ibai Llanos and Piqué creates new Esports Club: KOI

    Yesterday, December 15th 2021, Ibai Llanos and Piqué did announce a new Esports Club, in the Palau Sant Jordi, which is located in Montjuïc, Barcelona. They did a live streaming in Ibai Llano's twitch, and they presented the following: Their new Esports Club, named KOI, two of their 'beta' team's T-shirt, their League Of Legends team, and also that they will participate in Valorant with a team that they will announce within the following weeks.

    They have also presented 12 streamers Content Creators which will be streaming under KOI team different kind of games and different content.

    KOI also presented four sponsors, which are: Finetwork, Disney+ , Cupra, Kelme. Fun fact: the previous house where Ibai and his previous team lived, has now been called "Disney+ House", and it will be used for the Esports club players to bootcamp in a daily basis.


    KOI League of Legends Team:


    KOI League of Legends team are the following:

    • EU - SLT (Enzo Gonzalez) as Top Laner
    • EU - Koldo (Luis Pérez) as Jungler
    • EU - Hatrixx (Jørgen Elgåen) as Mid Laner
    • EU - Rafitta (Rafa Ayllón Zapata) as Bot Laner
    • EU - seaz (Daniel Binderhofer) as Support
    • EU - Plasma (Pedro Simões Ribeiro) as Sub/Sup

    KOI did a matchup vs the famous French team "Karmine Korp", in which KOI won 2-1 in a really close match-ups to the french team. First match was a big come-back from KOI, and they could comeback to win the first match. The crowd on Palau Sant Jordi was crazy, as there also were French supporters of Karmine Korp.

    They will play in the tournament LVP (Spanish tournament) with the League of Legends team.

    Ibai Llanos and Piqué also announced that they will participate in the LVP tournament for a Valorant team, which they could not yet release any information as it's not confirmed, but they stated that within the following weeks they'll announce it.


    This is how the Team T-shirt looks like:



    Remember that these T-shirts are a simple BETA, which means that changes may appear in the brand's location, size, and also there might be more sponsors that joins the club within the following weeks.

    KOI CEO's stated that in mid-January they will have the final version of the T-shirts. If you purchase them now in https://www.kelme.com , they will have a 20% discount during today and tomorrow's day. People will receive the FINAL version of the shirt, and NOT current one.


    We're excited to see KOI in action. We will see what happens once the LVP season starts, as the team will have now a big work and a big challange to work with!


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