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  • Season 4 of Diablo II: Resurrected begins 4th May


    Adam Fletcher, also known as PezRadar, has confirmed in the Diablo IV live streaming taken place the 20th April 2023 that the Season 4 of Diablo II: Resurrected will begin 4th May.

    Even though the main announcement of the Live streaming was the Diablo IV new beta or Server Slam, PezRadar has confirmed at the end of the streaming some exciting news for Diablo II: Resurrected - its new Season 4 coming up 4th May.

    It was well expected for the D2R new Season to come up earlier so it does not overlap the Diablo IV release on 6-6-2023. It was either to hasten the new season, or to delay it enough so people can enjoy the release of Diablo IV. For the Diablo team it made more sense to hasten, so players of D2R will enjoy earlier the season, and could potentially play the Diablo IV release as the D2R season advances.

    We didn't have any PTR as of now, so it's expected that the Season 4 of D2R doesn't have much changes, or maybe just some bug fixes and minor stuff.

    But what people are starting to ask is: Will we have new rune words implemented? Will there be any significant play balance in their plans? Hopefully we will have news soon enough.


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