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New Logo Design!


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Hello everyone,

I'm excited to announce that I've been working on a new Logo with a designer, and now it has been released and it's live in the forum along with the favicon and an icon above Site News for the latests news. You also will notice that when you're sharing the site, or adding the site to favorites (in all devices), the new logo will now appear. We have also updated them on our Twitter and on our Facebook page, so you will also enjoy the new design on there.

Some adjustments might happen, but as of now, the logo will be:



Note that we also have a light-mode forum style, and we took care of the logo so it also looks awesome on there. So obviously, the logo for the white forum style will have the "protv" along with ".org" text in dark mode to contrast and so it looks well:



We really hope that you like the new designing. If you are still seeing the old logo, or the old favicon, I highly suggest you to clear the cookies and to restart your browser, so the caché will be cleared and the new images will appear.

Also we encourage you to give us your feedback in this very post, and if you have any suggestion towards anything of our community, feel free to create a new topic in General Help; I'm actively thinking of ideas that would improve your experience in the website, and I'll always work to make everything better.

Best regards,

- vans s01.gif (eprotv Admin)


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10 minutes ago, tRv56 said:

i've had a weird bug where it showed the old favicon, do you guys have this as well?

Clearing the caché should work and should remove the old favicon as it has been removed from the website files. If you still have the problem, open up a topic in General Help and we'll look more closely :classic_wink:

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