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Do you think a new Counter-Strike will happen?


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Hello everyone!

We're close to 2022, and in August (yeah, I know 8 months left yet) is there in the "corner". It'll be 10 years since CSGO was released. To be more specific it was 21th August 2012 when it was released.

Some people are claiming that the CS motor game (Source1 as of now) must be updated to Source 2 to improve the game servers, along with other things. Some people are saying that a new Counter-Strike would make sense.

In my opinion, that would be a big mistake, especially since CSGO released Skins at the very beginning, and right now there are a lot of people whose account is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. If they release a new game and abandon CSGO, people would lose a lot of money.

Nowadays it has become more common to simply update the current game. IE: League of Legends, that it's the same game since the release, but simply being updated monthly.


What do you think?

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5 hours ago, JoyFreak said:

I don't know, I mean there hasn't been any news about it or any indication if we'll get a new title. Although CSGO is doing really well so there might not be any plans.

I'm not sure if I recall correctly, but when it was CS:S the one which existed, did valve created hype stating that a new counter was under development?

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I do play it but I only do the hosatge side of things and that's it :) It's my go to game when not streaming or a go to game that I need to disstress by going crazy and just going forward. I do not care about what they got going or what the updates are about you know

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