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Eprotv Features Explained


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Eprotv offers different features which attempt to improve the experience of our users. Some of them also ensure in a way the correct behavior of our community. We will be explaining all of them in this topic, and as soon as we add new features, this topic will be edited with the explanation of them.

If you still have any question about any feature, or any suggestion, remember that you can simply add a new topic in General Help and we will look into it and give you a feedback.

1. Forum Coins

Forum Coins is a virtual currency which is used in our forums. There are many different ways to earn Forum Coins:

  • By posting in the forums - New Topic: 2 Forum Coins New Reply: 1 Forum Coin  - *Remember you must follow the Site Rules
  • Being active in the forums. Eprotv staff will award active users if they colaborate within the community. Awards amounts will be determined by the staff.
  • Helping with posting Articles will be a way to earn Forum Coins. As we have to do this manually, for each article you submit (contact vans s01.gif.fc25b671eeac5539b7ecb342d84bced7.gif for more info), we will award you 3 Forum Coins
  • Giving feedback on Articles is something we promote. Each comment you add in our articles will award you 1 Forum Coin. - We also have to do this manually, so please if something's missing send privately a message to ( vans s01.gif.fc25b671eeac5539b7ecb342d84bced7.gif )
  • Referral system! - You will earn 10 Forum Coins if you invite your friend to our community --> Read more by clicking in here
  • There are more ways! Other ways will be posted on forums, such as: contests, promotions, or possible specific help that we may need

What can we do with Forum Coins?

From now, Forum Coins can be used for:

  • Purchase a Customer Perk* in the shop *Customer Perk will upgrade your user membership to the Donor group for 30 days. After that time you'll have to buy it again to extend it another 30 days. This feature is explained below, in Point nº2.
  • Change your user name in the shop
  • If you receive a warning, after the 30-day-period, if you want it removed you'll have to purchase a Warning Removal in the shop
  • We may do more promos, contests, or ways to expend your Forum Coins on the forums. Stay tuned!

We are constantly trying to add more features which involves Forum Coins. Please feel free to open up a Suggestion Topic in the General Help section, we will hear you, and we'd like to offer the best features possible for our users.

2. Donor Membership

As many forums, we also will have a special Membership for those users in some way, helps the community to grow. We understand that we are new, and right now our content is a bit limited - believe me, I'm doing my best to add as much content as I can, and to improve our user's experience as much as I can.

Because of this, we will have two ways of getting the Donor Membership:

  • Monetary* : Via PayPal - we will have two options: One Year: $15 Quarterly (3 months): $5  --> *100% of the money spent will be towards paying bills (server cost, server maintenance, domain cost, community improvements). We will re-invest 100%, it will not be used for personal benefit. To purchase it, send privately a message to vans s01.gif.fc25b671eeac5539b7ecb342d84bced7.gif )
  • Virtual* : Using Forum Coins - we will only have a Monthly option, which will cost 250 Forum Coins per month --> *As this method only involves our virtual currency, your Group name will be: Customer. You will have same benefits than Donor Membership, but different name to differenciate both ways of supporting the community. Forum Coins are explained in point 1. of this topic. To purchase it, visit this Shop Customer Perk link.

Both memberships will have the same benefits for our users:

  • A unique and special Group name, depending on the chosen method of supporting the community.
  • A special Forum section where we will be adding special content, special features, and unique giveaways.
  • Supporting the community is the main goal of this Memberships. We appreciate every single donation - it doesn't matter if it's monetary, or virtual. You are supporting in both of them, in different ways.

We are constantly trying to improve the community. If you have any questions or suggestions (new features) about Memberships, feel free to open up a topic in General Help. If you want to use the Monetary option, send privately a message to ( vans s01.gif.fc25b671eeac5539b7ecb342d84bced7.gif ), and PayPal details and how to do it will be shared.


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